(past and present)
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Back (left to right):
Lori Colin, M.S. - Laboratory Manager / Research Biologist
Pat Colin, Ph.D. - Director / President
Mathew Mesubed - Boatman / Collector

Front (left to right)
Sharon Patris, B.Sc. - Research Biologist
Gerda Ucharm - Research Biologist
Emilio Basilius - Boatman / Collector


Michael N Dawson, Ph.D.
UCMerced Asst. Professor

Sharon Patris, B.Sc.
Research Biologist

Laura E. Martin, Ph.D.
Collaborator/Research Associate


And, previously ...

Nathan Morris, Maintenance Supervisor (above)
Peter Schupp - Collector
Terry Frohm - Maintenance Manager/Dive Safety Officer
Chuck Bowling
- Collector/Collections Manager
Ron Sjoken
- Collector/Collections Manager
Gabi Mowlds
- Collections Manager
Larry Sharron
- Collector (see the eponymous flatworm)
Carla Salii - Collections Manager
Lolita Penland - Collections Manager (above)

Julian Dendy - Collections Manager
Patricia Davis, M.S. - Collections Manager


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